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Management Team

Dr. Medhat Ghoneim - VP, Sales and Marketing
Medhat is a veteran sales and marketing expert with extensive multinational experiences. His wealth of experience in the fast moving consumer goods, through his work at multinationals companies, together with his long-term awareness of the Egyptian market enables him to right position Flora products.

Medhat, works on implementing the company’s strategy to develop and maintain the Sales and Marketing infrastructure to support both its current and future sales operations as well as its strong market positioning.

Eng. Georges Louis - VP, Operation
Georges is a paper making and converting expert with extensive experience in different fields of engineering and technical issues. His wealth of experience in the paper industry is approaching 30 years.

He worked in several technical fields as well. His strong technical awareness and ambition for innovation, had contributed significantly to the sustainability and competitiveness of Flora Operations.

Georges, with his long experience, knowledge and challenging personality executes the company’s strategy in the development, upgrading and updating of the mill’s operation.

Mr. Osama Boshra - VP, Finance
Osama has more than 25 years of experience in different areas of corporate financial management, setting-up financial reporting & accounting systems, ERP systems implementation in Egypt  and also in some  European countries  (Greece, Hungary ) while he is specialized in financial management for the last 15 years. Preparing the company yearly budget and Finding sources of finance for the company’s strategic expansion projects.  In addition, Honoring the company’s commitments in time towards other parties are major topics for him.

Osama is a Board Member since 2008. As a self-motivated team leader, he was able to achieve noteworthy results in both his sector and in the general business environment which lead to motivating and empowering others to attain company goals.


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