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 Flora - Pyramids Paper Mills

Flora - Pyramids Paper Mills S.A.E is a leading producer, converter, and exporter of tissue paper in North Africa, the Mediterranean, and many countries in Europe. As a member of ZERITIS GROUP we have a production capacity which includes five paper mills, two in Hungary, one in Greece, one in Bulgaria, one in Egypt. ZERITIS GROUP also provides engineering consultation for tissue paper manufacturers.

Flora - Pyramids Paper Mills S.A.E produces currently a large number of tissue paper. Its leading exports are the Jumbo Rolls which are supplied to local and international converters and the Flora brand provides tissue products to a wide and growing market. Flora - Pyramids Paper Mills S.A.E exports to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Jordan, Emirates, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Morocco, Libya ,Tunisia, Algeria, Malawi, India, Pakistan, Ukraine, UK, Turkey, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Cape Verde, Kenya, Ethiopia, Senegal, Rwanda, Togo, Ghana, Madagascar, Eritrea, Mozambique, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Mauritius, Sudan and many other countries.

The infrastructure includes a workshop, computerized spare parts warehouse, 2 boilers, compressed air station, canteen, and personnel facilities, electricity from the grid and water from the 6th October ducts and one well. To facilitate storage and handling of consumer products, 3 floor pallet roads are erected in the 3.000 m2 converted products warehouse to triple its capacity. Flora – Pyramids Paper Mills S.A.E. has sales and distribution centers in Alexandria, Luxor and Delta to cover all Egypt and the close Arab countries.
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